Krak Chocolade Bean to Bar Chocolate in the Molds

Why Is Handmade Chocolate More Expensive?

When it comes to quality and taste, handmade chocolate often stands out from the crowd. However, these artisanal treats can also come with a higher price tag. So, what makes handmade chocolate so pricey? Let's take a look.

Quality Ingredients

The cornerstone of exquisite handmade chocolate is high-quality ingredients. At Krak Chocolade, we use only the finest cacao beans sourced sustainably from small farms. We also avoid additives and fillers common in mass-produced chocolate. Our commitment to quality means a slightly higher price but an unmatched flavor.

Time and Craftsmanship

Handmade chocolate requires an immense amount of time, skill, and dedication. From bean selection to tempering the chocolate, each stage of the process demands meticulous care and attention. The result is a product that's as much an art form as it is a delicious treat.

Sustainability and Fair Trade

We're dedicated to ethical sourcing and fair trade practices. This means paying a fair price for our cacao beans, which helps support small-scale farmers and contributes to sustainable farming practices. While this may add to the cost of our chocolate, we believe it's a price worth paying for the positive impact it has on people's lives and the environment.

Small Batch Production

Handmade chocolate is often produced in small batches. This allows for a greater focus on quality control and ensures that every piece of chocolate meets our high standards. However, small batch production doesn't benefit from the economies of scale that large manufacturers enjoy, which can lead to higher costs per bar.

Experience the Difference with Krak Chocolade

While handmade chocolate like ours may be more expensive than mass-produced bars, we believe the cost is justified by the superior taste, quality ingredients, ethical practices, and the love and care we put into each batch. We invite you to taste the Krak Chocolade difference and experience for yourself why our handmade chocolate is worth every penny.