Mark Sorting His New Bean to Bar Cacao Delivery

Why Chocolate? The Journey of a Master Chocolate Maker

Why I Became a Chocolate Maker

People often ask me what exactly I do as a 'chocolate maker,' why I do it, and how it's different from the chocolatier down the street who also sells 'homemade' chocolate.

My Introduction to the World of Artisan Chocolate Making

At 14, I started working at the local patisserie, which is where I professionally encountered chocolate for the first time. At first, I was tasked with washing out the chocolate bowls, but it wasn't long before I got to work with the chocolate itself, initially in mousse parfaits and later decorations and bonbon chocolates.

The Versatility and Art of Chocolate

I was amazed at how versatile chocolate is - both as a flavor enhancer and a shiny decoration. You can crystallize the cocoa butter from the chocolate and create astounding creations, and even the chocolates look like art! That was the moment I realized how incredible chocolate is!

Over the years, I moved into restaurant pastry work, where chocolate made desserts extra special. I've worked as a pastry chef in several Michelin-starred restaurants, up to three stars at the Troisgros family's establishment in Rouane, France.

During those years, I was always engaged in understanding how different products are composed and what their specific properties are, often in collaboration with food technologists. Working at this level, you often become an ambassador for one of the major chocolate brands. What always struck me was how elusive chocolate brands are about the production of chocolate.



My Quest for Authenticity in Chocolate Making

In 2011, I started my own pastry label, and chocolates quickly became a steady income source. Melting chocolate and adding a unique signature to it involves the mold, the cocoa butter colors, and flavor additions. This process takes you further and further away from the original product: the chocolate.

All great chefs want to know where their piece of meat comes from, what the animal ate, and even its name. However, when it comes to chocolate, they talk about 'bitter chocolate.' This is the only specification they give about chocolate to the guest. This is, of course, ignorance, and supported by the large chocolate manufacturers, no further thought is given beyond this. For me, this was the moment to start researching what happens before the bag of chocolate everyone can buy. This is where my genuine love for chocolate began.

In 2011, I wanted to be self-sufficient in the chocolate I used, and I wanted to make it myself. My first steps were to find cocoa beans and the machinery to produce this on a small scale. In 2012, I made my first chocolate.

The Future of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate at Krak Chocolade

We will take you with us in the coming time to show what I have done over the past ten years and what I will do in the future. It is necessary to tell the real story of chocolate. Keep an eye on our channels and let yourself be surprised by the most beautiful product on earth!