St. Vincent a/t Grenadines 55% – Juniper


North of Venezuela and between the Caribbean islands of Granada and Barbedos is the small island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I did not work with the cocoa from this island for this crazy name.

The cocoa grows all over the island and is managed by the St. Vincent Cocoa Company. They manage 250 hectares of land and buy cocoa from about 100 farmers. The cocoa grows among the corn, banana, and ginger plants and in the shade of coconut and mahogany trees. The cocoa is fermented in a central place.

The berry-shaped cones are used to flavor gin, gin, aquavit, and Benedictine. The drink gin gets its name from this plant. The name “genever” comes from the juniper.

Dried cones are used as a spice in marinades for the game, for example. Sauerkraut is also traditionally seasoned with juniper berries. The dried berries are often for sale in the supermarket. In addition to the berries, the leaves are also used, for example when grilling fish.
Taste profile

Taste profile: round but at the same time, fresh and fruity with notes of citrus due to the juniper berries.

Origin: pcs. Vincent a / t Grenadines
Inclusion: Dutch Juniper
Percentage: 55%

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, Juniper berries, and unrefined cane sugar.

80 grams of milk chocolate 55%

Our chocolate is soy and gluten-free. May contain traces of lactose and is made in a factory that does not process peanuts and nuts.

Weight 80 g





Soy Free




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