Krak Mini Bars

Krak Mini Bars

We are proud to launch our new Krak mini bars!
We listened carefully to the market and looked at what was particularly needed. In the many conversations we had during the past few years at trade fairs (when this was still possible), via business visits and social media, it became clear that there was a lot of demand for the Krak bars in a smaller format. We were therefore able to make a well-considered choice to develop this product.

The Krak mini bars weigh 30 grams each and have the shape of 4 cubes. This makes it extremely suitable for easy sharing and tasting with each other. And it has a perfect size to add to a gift or sample package in combination with, for example, a nice coffee, elegant tea or a specialty beer.


Furthermore, the mini bar is conceivable in the catering industry / terrace with a cup of coffee or as a grab-to-go at the checkout. In short, an accessible way to get acquainted with single origin craft chocolate.


Krak mini bars:

  • Weight: 30 gram
  • Quantity: Packed in outer cartons of 25 pieces

The origins are:

  • Cuba 70%
  • Philippines 70%
  • Vietnam 70%
  • Hibiscus/Vanilla 40%
  • Colombia Milk 55%
  • Juniper (Jeneverbes) Milk 55%
For retailers:
If you have an interest to sell the Krak Mini Bars in your store, please contact us:
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